How to solve “the composite or nested DataWindow can’t set the dynamic create dataobject to create DW report” issue
Posted by Appeon Support on 23 September 2014 04:32 PM

In Appeon, you can use the GetChild function to get the reference report in the Composite and nest DataWindow. In PB you cannot use GetChild to get a reference to a report in a composite DataWindow when the report itself is a composite or nested DataWindow. Then you can use the datawindow create function to dynamically create the nest report via datawindow syntax. But using PBSELECT statement in syntax to create DataWindows is unsupported, and you need to use the SQL SELECT statement syntax.


Original code:

ls_dwsyntax = dw_1.Describe("DataWindow.Syntax")

rtncode = LibraryImport("c:\pb\dwTemp.pbl", "d_emp", ImportDataWindow!, ls_dwsyntax, ErrorBuffer )

dw_composite.Modify("dw_report.DataObject='d_emp' ") //Since this dataobject didn’t be deployed via Appeon developer, Appeon can’t support this feature.


New feature code:

DataWindowChild dwc_report

l_rtn = dw_composite.GetChild("dw_report ", dwc_report)

ls_dwsyntax = dw_1.Describe("DataWindow.Syntax")

dwc_report.dynamic create (ls_dwsyntax, error_create)

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