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The latest Maintenance version - Appeon for PowerBuilder 2013 R2 Build 0126.00 has been officially released! We provide the full installation package as well as the EBF upgrade package for this build. You can firstly review the Bug Fix Lists with the link below before you decide to install it.

  1. If you have installed Appeon 2013 R2 version, download Build 0126.00 (EBF) links below and upgrade your current version to this build.
  2. If you are using the prior version before Appeon 2013 R2, download Build 0126.00 (Full installation package) links below and directly get it installed.

Notes: If you are using Appeon Server for .Net version then please download the desired version from the column "Download Links for IIS Server" because this kind of packages is for .NET only so the download size is smaller, which will save your time to download the version. Otherwise, please download the desired version from the column "Download Links for All Servers".

Furthermore, please note that you need to close PowerBuilder and stop your application server (for example IIS, WebLogic, etc.) before applying Build 0126.00. Once you have done this, then you need to start your application server and verify that AEM still works and displays the version Appeon for PowerBuilder 2013 R2 Build 0126.00. Once you have done that, then you need to open PowerBuilder and verify that the “Get Support” icon also displays Appeon for PowerBuilder 2013 R2 Build 0126.00.

Once you have this all the pieces have been upgraded, and now you would need to do a “Full Deployment” of your application to the upgraded Appeon Server to refresh all the old Web application files with the ones generated by the updated version of Appeon.

Appeon Versions


Download Links for IIS Server

Download Links for All Servers

Build 0126.00 (EBF)

 For 32-bit Windows

 For 64-bit  Windows

Build 0126.00 (Full  installation package)

 For 32-bit Windows

 For 32-bit Windows

Bug Fix Lists

Product Manual

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Appeon Office will be closed on April 7th for the Tomb Sweeping Day in accordance with China's General Office of the State Council's notice. And We will resume our operation and work on your reported case on April 8th

For any urgent license issue, please get the temporary license from the link as below to temporarily work around it and we will handle it once we return from the holiday.

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If you experienced the error “cannot install application because the certificate for *** is not valid” when installing the Appeon Workspace on iOS 7.1 mobile device, please refer to the article posted in the link as below to resolve it.

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The Appeon 2013 R2 GA version is officially released!
Posted by Luo Zhen on 21 February 2014 05:56 PM

We are excited to announce you that the Appeon 2013 R2 GA version (it includes the Appeon Web and Mobile) is officially released and available for downloading! This version supports to run the application on Android/IOS devices as well as the Offline application and other important features. It is worth mentioning that the Near Field Communication functionality is supported in this version.

#1- If you have installed Beta 1.0 or Beta 2.0 and want to upgrade to Android GA, then please refer to the article below to uninstall Beta 1.0 or 2.0 completely and then install the GA version properly.

#2- Otherwise, you can directly install the GA version or upgrade to the GA version.

Note: You can get the Appeon 2013 R2 trial edition for 30-day free trial at


 Download Links

 HK Mirror Site

 For 32-bit Windows:

 For 64-bit Windows:

 USA Mirror Site

 For 32-bit Windows:

 For 64-bit Windows:

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Appeon Office will be closed from Jan 30th to Feb 6th, 2014 for the Chinese New Year Holidays, and we will resume our operation and work on Feb 7th. During the holidays,

#1- for the license problem, please get a temporary license which will expire on Mar.15th from the link below to work around it temporarily and we will address it when we back from holidays.

#2- for the urgent technical issue, please directly dial Appeon Support at +1-877-3APPEON x 2 to ask for help from the on-duty engineer. Or we will address it one by one when we back from holidays.

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