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32-bit Appeon Workspace for Appeon 2015 Build 0328 in iOS
Posted by Nico Wang on 11 November 2015 05:42 PM

As UltraLite does not support 64-bit iOS and the Appeon Workspace included in Appeon 2015 Build 0328 will automatically run 64-bit apps on 64-bit iOS, you may run into errors when running apps deployed with Appeon 2015 Build 0328 on 64-bit iOS devices if the database is UltraLite. Therefore if you are using UltraLite on 64-bit iOS devices with Appeon 2015 Build 0238, kindly please download and install the Appeon Workspace in the link below. 

For users who want to package standalone apps or customize their own Appeon Workspace, please build it for only 32-bit iOS if your database is UltraLite.

In Xcode 7, please only keep armv7 next to Valid Architectures (Build Settings > Architectures) as shown below to build it only for 32-bit iOS:

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Ryan Story
30 December 2015 12:06 AM
When I try to submit apps to the App Store, Apple throws an error that I do not have 64-bit support in my app.
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