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We are excited to announce that PowerBuilder 2019 R3 LTS Japanese and InfoMaker 2019 R3 LTS Japanese, build 2722, are officially released and available for downloading!

New Features and Bug Fixes

PowerBuilder Bundle

  • PowerScript development (PowerBuilder IDE, PowerBuilder Runtime, and PowerBuilder Compiler)
    • Updated environment support:
      • Windows Server 2019
      • Oracle 18c and 19c
      • PostgreSQL 11 and 12
      • SQL Server 2019
        • Supports the Microsoft OLE DB Driver for SQL Server.
        • Supports connecting with SQL Server through TLS 1.2.
    • Provides the PowerClient project type that deploys the client application to the Web server for seamless installation and self-updating.
    • Enables new UI theme for applications to easily apply a modern look and feel.
    • Provides a new WebBrowser Control that uses Chromium Embedded Framework (CEF) for the latest web browsing functionality.
    • PowerBuilder IDE and PowerBuilder Runtime are decoupled for separate installation and upgrade. Developers can switch the runtime version used in PowerBuilder IDE for running, debugging, and compiling applications. 
    • Updated license mechanism: allows one user account to log into more than one version on the same machine simultaneously.
    • Enables applications to directly call .NET assemblies, via two objects: DotNetAssembly and DotNetObject.
    • Provides the TX Text Control that was incorporated in PowerBuilder 12.6 and supports the 64-bit version of the TX Text Control.
    • Provides a new RibbonBar Control for creating modern ribbons to organize user commands in user interfaces.
    • Adds the Microsoft UI Automation accessibility support.
    • Enhanced the source control features, for example, creating and switching Git branches in the PowerBuilder IDE.
    • Enhanced JSONParser and JSONGenerator for getting and setting an item by path, and handling special values.
    • Enhanced the HTTPClient object with validation of ignoring certain types of server certificate error and a revocation checking for server certificate when sending a request.
  • C# migration & development (SnapDevelop, .NET DataStore, and PowerScript Migrator)
    • Provides SnapDevelop, a lightweight C# IDE, for developing C# projects, with a number of advanced features such as scaffolding (it helps effectively create services and controllers from models), and Web API Tester (it allows developers to directly inspect, test, and debug the REST Web APIs).
    • Supports using .NET DataStore to automatically generate C# models from existing DataWindows, and implement DataWindows in C#. 
    • Provides PowerScript Migrator to automatically translate non-visual PowerBuilder code and objects to C#.
  • Application deployment (PowerServer (PB Edition), PowerServer Toolkit, etc.)
    • Officially supports the latest software: Windows Server 2019, Android 11, iOS 14, JBoss EAP 7.2, WildFly 18, Microsoft SQL Server 2019, Oracle 18c and 19c, PostgreSQL 12.x.
    • Enables the testing of PowerServer Web applications by using AscentialTest 9.5.2 or above.
    • (Web only) Adds support to more PowerBuilder features:
      • JSONPackage object
      • TokenRequest, TokenResponse, OAuthClient, OAuthRequest, and ResourceResponse objects
      • CompressorObject and ExtractorObject
      • CrypterObject and CoderObject
    • Supports deploying applications to PowerServer 2020.
    • Enhances the application packaging tool: The package profile configuration process and the packaging process are logically separated.
    • Supports deploying applications via SFTP.

Important note: The PowerServer (PB Edition) and PowerServer Toolkit included in this PowerBuilder 2019 R3 release are versioned as 2020 for better synchronizing with PowerServer 2020.

For more new features and detailed information in this PowerBuilder 2019 R3 Japanese release, please see here.

For bug fixes in this PowerBuilder 2019 R3 Japanese release, please see here.


  • InfoMaker IDE is decoupled from the runtime files (PowerBuilder Runtime).
  • Uses NativePDF as the default printing option.
  • Supports using "Built-in TX Text Control ActiveX 28.0" as the rich text editor.
  • Supports the Microsoft OLE DB Driver for SQL Server (MSOLEDBSQL).

For more new features and detailed information in this InfoMaker 2019 R3 Japanese release, please see here.

For bug fixes in this InfoMaker 2019 R3 Japanese release, please see here.

PowerBuilder/InfoMaker Installer

  • Provides Appeon Installer that enables an online procedure for installing the products or downloading the product offline installation packages.
  • Support installing the demo applications to PostgreSQL (in addition to the SQL Anywhere engine).
  • Allows to install PowerBuilder Runtime separately from PowerBuilder IDE.
  • Provides PowerBuilder Compiler as a product to install in the installer.

For more new features and detailed information about the installer, please see here.


Please get the PowerBuilder Installer 2019 R3 JP or InfoMaker Installer 2019 R3 JP from our Downloads portal.

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