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A maintenance release (build 2703) for PowerBuilder 2019 R3 and InfoMaker 2019 R3 is officially released and available for downloading! This latest release includes updates and bug fixes for:

  • PowerScript development (PowerBuilder IDE, PowerBuilder Runtime, and PowerBuilder Compiler)
  • C# migration & development (SnapDevelop, .NET DataStore, and PowerScript Migrator)
  • Application deployment (PowerServer (PB Edition), PowerServer Toolkit, etc., under version 2020)
  • InfoMaker (InfoMaker IDE, PowerBuilder Runtime)


  • PowerBuilder
    • The support for Microsoft Active Accessibility (MSAA) and Microsoft UI Automation can be enabled or disabled using the Accessibility option in the PB.INI file.
    • Git source control supports logging in with a token.

    • Orcascr.exe will automatically search for the runtime files according to the registry.
    • The runtime packager has been adjusted: 
      • The rich text options are re-named and re-grouped in a more reasonable way; 
      • Accessibility Support (Section 508) is moved from Additional Features to core components; 
      • PB DOM is moved from Obsolete Features to Additional Features.
  • PowerServer (PB Edition) and PowerServer Toolkit, under version 2020
    • A new interface of_ismocklocation is added to the eon_mobile_geolocation object to check if the current location is a mock location.

    • Upgrade Cordova plugins to use the WKWebView component.

You may see here for more information on the improvements for PowerBuilder 2019 R3 MR (build 2703) and PowerServer (PB Edition) 2020 MR (build 2703).

Bug Fixes

You may see here for the bug fixes for PowerBuilder 2019 R3 MR (build 2703), here for the bug fixes for SnapDevelop 2019 R3 MR (build 2703), and here for the bug fixes for PowerServer (PB Edition) 2020 MR (build 2703). There are no bug fixes for this InfoMaker 2019 R3 MR release. 


Please get the installers from our Downloads portal. You may either install the latest version from scratch or use the installers to upgrade from earlier 2019 versions (2019 GA, 2019 MR, 2019 R2 GA, 2019 R2 MR, or 2019 R3 GA).

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