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RapidSharp 2019 R2 GA version (Build 2381) is officially released!
Posted by Appeon Support on 10 July 2020 10:01 AM

We are excited to announce that RapidSharp 2019 R2 GA version is officially released and available for downloading! If you intend to automatically convert the existing business logic in your PowerBuilder application to standard C# with open standard cloud architecture, please apply for a trial version of RapidSharp and test it out.

Products included in RapidSharp

  • SnapDevelop
  • .NET DataStore (with DataWindow Converter)
  • PowerScript Migrator
Main Features
  • C# IDE
    • Lightweight IDE for Rapidly Creating REST APIs & Libraries.
    • Effectively scaffold services and controllers based on templates.
    • Automatically implement dependency injection in projects.
    • Integrates Web API Tester that directly tests Web APIs in the IDE, and supports complicated data models as testing parameters.
    • Load PowerBuilder workspace with all its targets, libraries, and objects.
                   The supported PowerBuilder versions include: Sybase PowerBuilder 8-12.5, SAP PowerBuilder 12.6, and Appeon PowerBuilder 2017-2019 R2.
  • .NET DataStore and DataWindow Converter
    • Provides a set of comprehensive interfaces (.NET DataStore) to allow users to easily implement non-visual DataWindow techniques and other expanded functions in C#.
    • Provides an automated conversion tool (the DataWindow Converter) for generating standard C# POCO models from existing DataWindows including the child DataWindows.
  • PowerScript Migrator
    • Automatically port PowerBuilder Business Logic to C#.
    • Translates non-visual PowerBuilder code and objects (including PowerScript, embedded SQLs, DataWindows/DataStores, and NVOs) to C#.
    • Performs the translation on individual functions, or to a complete NVO (.sru).

Please see here for more detailed information on RapidSharp features.

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