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A maintenance release (build 2328) for PowerBuilder 2019 R2 and InfoMaker 2019 R2 is officially released and available for downloading! This maintenance release includes bug fixes for PowerBuilder IDE and InfoMaker.

Updated Product Components

The below product components have been updated in this maintenance release:

  • PowerBuilder IDE
  • InfoMaker

The below product components are not updated in this maintenance release:

  • SnapDevelop
  • .NET DataStore
  • PowerScript Migrator
  • PowerServer Toolkit
  • PowerServer (PB Edition)
  • PowerServer Help
  • PowerServer Web Component

Bug Fixes

You may see here for bug fixes for PowerBuilder 2019 R2 MR (build 2328) and here for bug fixes for InfoMaker 2019 R2 MR (build 2328).


Please get the PowerBuilder Installer 2019 R2 or InfoMaker Installer 2019 R2 from our Downloads portal

Installation Notes

  1. You may either install the latest version from scratch or use the installers to upgrade from earlier 2019 versions (2019 GA, 2019 MR, 2019 R2 Beta or 2019 R2 GA).
  2. If you have both PowerBuilder 2019/R2 and InfoMaker 2019/R2 on the same machine, please upgrade both to the same version. 

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