The solutions for the error "System.Data.SQLite32, Version="
Posted by Appeon Support on 01 April 2014 02:26 PM


You may run into the error 'System.Data.SQLite32, Version=” when deploying the application by using the Appeon Developer.


Cause analysis:

The reason why 'System.Data.SQLite32, Version=” issue occurred was that Appeon didn’t support 64-bit ASA 16 well, and we have been working on this issue and will fix it as soon as possible.


To temporarily work around this issue, please use either of the solutions as below.

Solution 1: If you have installed ASA 12 or 11/10 driver on this server, then please follow up the steps below to resolve this issue.
Step1- Back up and delete the files below under the directory C:\inetpub\wwwroot\appeon\AEM\bin.



Step2- Modify the following files under C:\inetpub\wwwroot\appeon\AEM\ServerDll and then save it.

Modify the original file

for ASA 11/10:
for ASA 12:

into the files as below


Step 3- Restart IIS.
Step 4- Redeploy your application.
Solution 2: If you didn’t install ASA 12 or 11/10 driver on this server, then please follow up the steps below to resolve this issue.
Step1- Uninstall the 64-bit Appeon Server 2013 R2 for .NET and install the 32-bit Appeon Server 2013 R2 for .NET. You can find the related download links at:
Step2- Install the 32-bit ASA 16 driver.
Note: If doing above still cannot resolve your issue, then please go to AEM and clear off the previous log files, and then set the Debug Mode as the Log Mode and reproduce the license error, finally please send us the appeonserver.log and appeon error.log files to do further research. FYI, you can refer to the article below to do it:
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