It is failing when the Appeon web application tries fileexists for INI file
Posted by Appeon Support on 05 September 2014 10:14 AM


When the Appeon web application which includes the INI file tries fileexists, it is failing.

Cause Analysis:

You cannot use fileexists to judge if the ini file exists or not for the Appeon web application.


You just need to firstly add the ini files you are going to use to the application by going to the Appeon Developer> Toolset> Configuration> [your application]> Edit…> Application profile Configuration> Additional Files> Deploy INI files (see the figure as below), and then full deploy the application (the ini files would be saved to the Appeon Server DB and some directory on the client), after that you could directly call the related ini function to proceed.

More details please refer to the help documentation at:

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