How to figure out the error ”Could not register the file ‘*.dll’” or “Fail to load DLLs” when running the web application
Posted by Appeon Support on 07 August 2013 05:19 PM

Issue: When running the Appeon web application, you may experience the error”Could not register the file ‘*.dll’” or “Fail to load DLLs”. 

Error message



Step 1: Please check whether you can manually register this DLL with a regsvr32 command. If not, then you don’t need to select the Auto register column in the Appeon Developer. If yes, then you need to select the Auto Register column in the Appeon Developer.

Step 2: Try to log into the machine with the admin right and use “Run as administrator” to start the IE.

Step 3: Use the attached VC tool to check and see if there is any dll’s dependency file missing.

Step 4: Check if the DLL has been successfully downloaded to the client side. To do this you can check if the dll is in the directory C:\Users\windows_login_name\AppData\Roaming\appeon\your_application\plugin. And check if there are any files with the same name in the directory of the OS Environment variables. If yes, then you need to manually delete the repeated files.


Step 5: If this issue still exists, before using the DLL function, please first execute the ChangeDirectory function to change the current directory.

String ls_path

Ls_path = AppeonGetCacheDir( ) + ‘\plugin’

//You need go to the Appeon Help | Appeon Workarounds Guide | Appeon Workarounds PBL Reference | Appeon client functions | AppeonGetCacheDir function to get detail information of how to call this API.

ChangeDirectory ( directoryname )


If you can’t resolve the issue by the above steps, please provide a test case to us for further analysis.

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