Solution for the error calling SQL Server Stored Procedure which has argument type NVARCHAR(MAX)
Posted by Appeon Support on 08 June 2016 02:36 PM

Error: Invalid parameter 5 ('@verrormessage'):  Data type 0x23 is a deprecated large object, or LOB, but is marked as output parameter.  Deprecated types are not supported as output parameters.  Use current large object types instead.



Step 1: Replace NVARCHAR(MAX) with NVARCHAR(4000), for example:

ALTER PROCEDURE [dbo].[usp_SendMail_NA]

                @vDistributionList VARCHAR(500),

                @vSubject varchar(30) = 'No Subject',

                @vBody NVARCHAR(MAX) = null,

                @iMailItemId int OUTPUT,

                @vErrorMessage NVARCHAR(4000) OUTPUT



Step 2: Restart IIS with 'IISRESET'

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