The power user download plug-in issue
Posted by Support Appeon on 04 July 2011 11:04 AM


The problem occurs only if the application server is WebLogic + Window 7/ Windows Vista.  

When the end user login to Win7 or Vista machine, and access the web app at the first, the end user will see the pop-up message as shown in Figure1.

(Figure 1)



Once the user clicked the first item in the pop-up menu, they will receive the error message below (Figure2).

(Figure 2)



Actually, in this situation the error message’s pop-up is a correct behavior, because the Power User chooses to install the ActiveX to All Users, which is apparently out of the right of a Power User.


Further Analysis

Later study found that in the normal situation, even the customer login to Win7 or Vista as a Power User and access Appeon’s web application deployed to .NET or EAServer or Websphere at the first time, they will meet a pop-up message as shown in Figure3.  And if the customer click the first item, Appeon ActiveX will be correctly installed to the PC without any problem.  




So what makes IE browser pops up different message box? According to our study, this problem is caused by the WebLogic.  Somehow IE failed to tell the file type and make the correct reaction if the cab file (Appeon ActiveX are zipped in a cab file) is transferred from the WebLogic server.


We are going to work around this WebLogic’s limitation in our latest EBF released by the end of March.
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