When to use the Dynamic Database Connection in Data Source
Posted by Appeon Support on 10 October 2015 01:29 PM

The property of the Data Source created maps with the property of the Transaction Object in PowerBuilder. If you haven’t used the salca.logid to log into the app, please do not use the Dynamic Database Connection in the Data Source in AEM.


Please refer to the following for more:

SQLCA.DBMS = "OLE DB" //This property corresponds to the Connection Type of Data Source.

SQLCA.LogPass = “appeon” //This property corresponds to the password of Data Source. And if the dynamic database connection of the Data Source property is enabled in the Appeon for .NET versions, Appeon can support Logid and logpass of the transaction property. For example, sqlca.logid = sle_1.text;  sqlca.logpass=sle_2.text.

SQLCA.LogId = "sa" //This property corresponds to the user name of Data Source.

SQLCA.AutoCommit = False


//This property corresponds to the database host and database name of Data Source.

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